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How Can You Clean A Sweaty Sofa?

If you are someone who inherited furniture from a loved one or bought one from an antique shop, then you aren’t the only one. Multiple people get used furniture from various places. They (especially sofas) are a great way to decorate your house. You can also fit in a few extra people if you place it right. However, there is one thing that people usually need to do with their used sofas. It is getting them cleaned.

Sofas may look great in your houses or workplace, but getting them cleaned can be a serious problem if you don’t know how to do it. People often search for sofa cleaning in Sydney to get their sofas cleaned and freshened up. 

Why are sweaty sofas a problem?

You might think that sweaty sofas are not a big problem, but, yes, the sofa may stink. However, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but other things make this worse. The sweat mixed with the oil from the body does not only make the smell worse but can also stain your sofa. 

All of these things are natural and you cannot do anything about them. However, there is one thing that can be done. You can always get your sofas cleared with professional services, such as Lounge Master. Nothing beats us when it comes to professional upholstery cleaning.

What can you do about a sweaty sofa?

Our professional upholstery cleaners see customers being worried about cleaning their sofas. Therefore, we have compiled a procedure that will help you put out the odor and stains from your sofas and give it a fresh twist that it has been missing for so long.

Step 1

Sunlight is your greatest friend when it comes to removing odor from your sofas. You should make sure you leave out your sofa in the open. Airing your sofas out will do you wonders.

Step 2

A steamer is what you need next. Make sure that you look up a quality steamer and use it on your sofa. The steam will improve your sofa’s look and revive it like never before. However, most people tend to mess their sofas up because of their lack of knowledge. Always make sure that you check the sofa fabric and choose the steamer accordingly. 

Step 3

You will have cleared the sofa off from most of the dust and dirt by now. However, you need to keep going if you want a better-looking sofa. You need to sprinkle baking soda all over the sofa and let it on overnight. The baking soda is great for pulling out the odor. 

Don’t worry, you will not have to put in much effort when you need to remove the baking soda. You can always vacuum the sofa to make it clean. 

Step 4

You need to fill up your spray bottle with vinegar and spray the sofa with vinegar completely. The white vinegar will help you deodorize your sofa and make sure that it is baby fresh. Using white vinegar is a great way of removing odor from sofas, without covering it in strong perfumes and scents.

You can also add fabric fresheners and other essentials to the mix if you want to improve the freshness of the couch even more.

Will it work?

People are often skeptical about the effectiveness of this method. However, professional cleaning services, such as Lounge Master, only bring you the best possible remedies and solutions to your couch cleaning problems. If you still feel that you cannot do all these things then you should hand it to our professional services.

We will make sure your couch is good as new in no time. Our experts are equipped with the best tools and tricks to restore your couches and sofas to their prime once again. We offer our services at minimal rates, as customer satisfaction is our main motto, and we try our best that our prices do not take a significant toll on someone’s budget. So, connect with us today and improve the look of your sofas now!

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