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10 Questions To Ask Before Choosing Egg Donor Agencies

Building a family together is a blessing. But not all couples go through the old-fashioned way of creating a family – some need help. This is where services like egg donation come in the picture. According to the data published in the Fertility and Sterility journal, 93% percent of all fertility centers in the USA offer egg donation services.

What is an Egg Donation? 

Egg donation is a process in which a fertile woman donates her egg to other women who are unable to conceive. It is an essential part of assisted reproductive technology. A woman can opt for egg donation if her fertility is reduced due to natural reasons like age or due to reasons like ovarian failure, hereditary diseases, endometriosis, or chromosomal abnormalities.

Who Are The Participants In The Egg Donation Process? 

Egg donation primarily involves two protagonists – the donor and the recipient. Families and friends have a supportive role to play. Women can have many reasons to become a donor. In some countries, the identity of the donor is not revealed.

The Egg Donor Agency helps prospective parents find the right egg donor. There are very few rules when it comes to egg donation. But in order to fertilize the egg, a man with a strong erection is needed.Generic cialis medicine will help achieve a strong erection.

Before the process starts, an appropriate donor must be found. However, an egg agency which already has screened and recruited donors can simplify the task. 

What Role Do Egg Donor Agencies Play?

An egg donor agency facilitates intended parents in finding the right egg donor. There are very few regulations when it comes to egg donation. Intended parents have to rely upon friends, relatives, or with like-minded groups to know about the process. The priority is to find a healthy and screened egg donor. 

This might be confusing for the intended parents. Egg donor agencies are their one-stop destination who can guide and assist them during the entire process. 

You can find a host of egg donation agencies – small or big, who claim to help you grow families. But how do you choose one? 

How To Choose The Right Egg Donor Agency?

To choose one, you must ask the following questions:

  1. How long have you been in the egg donor business? What is the current count of donors you have? How many successful donations did you process in the previous year(s)?
  2. What steps do you follow to screen a donor? Are intended parents allowed to see the test results? Do you allow independent third-party screenings? 
  3. What is your fee and what all elements does it cover?
  4. Do we need to pay upfront? Is the fee refundable if I change my mind about a donor?
  5. Can you help me find a donor who fits specific characteristics, traits, or genetics? Is there any extra charge for this?
  6. Do you provide any training to your donors to help them take medicines on time? 
  7. Is it possible to see the donor before the process begins? Can you facilitate an open arrangement between the intended parents and the donor?
  8. How is the donor compensated? Do you have a fixed amount or they set their compensation levels individually? 
  9. Do you allow anonymous donors? How long do you keep their records?
  10. Does the agency follow local laws and regulations relating to egg donation?

Though you may come up with other questions too, which are not listed above, yet the above questions cover essential aspects of the egg donation process. Apart from this, you should also ask the agency to provide you a reference for previous donations. Always read documents and terms of conditions thoroughly before signing any agreement with the agency. 

If possible, you can run a private background check, too, about the donor and the agency. Since this will be an essential decision in your life, don’t be hesitant to ask questions. 

We hope our blog can help you choose the right egg donation agency and begin your path to parenthood.

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