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Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

Monsoons are one of the best seasons to make a trip as you will encounter the genuine shades of nature while traveling. The sight of lavish green color blended with the sandy smell goes about as a medication to your spirit you simply need more. Despite the fact that there are several places where trekking in monsoon would be extremely worthy of all that sweat.

1) Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Presently this place is truly in the first place of monsoon treks due to its huge excellence and hence is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The monsoon rains cast a spell over this valley by embellishing it with a vivid bedsheet of flowers and consequently makes the view mesmerizing. The amazing weather is a special reward to the toned landscape. You can generally spot brilliant butterflies, birds, and animals like Musk Deer.

• Duration- 6 Days

• Difficulty- Easy

• Altitude- 15,200ft

2) Sinhagad Trek, Pune

Need to trek near Pune? Sinhagad is a hill fortress that gives you an astonishing trek experience along with an ideal picnic spot. The lovely views of sunrise and sunset from this fort are worth capturing. It additionally passes you over with a grand scenic series of mountains and hills. The monsoon season would make this place much more fascinating adding to it rich green views and the royal fortress is ponding with the thunder noises which seems to be a spooky Qila experience.

• Duration- 2 Days

• Difficulty- Moderate

• Altitude- 4304ft

3) Kashmir Great Lakes, Jammu & Kashmir

We usually consider Kashmir an incredibly chilly spot, however, it has a substantially more excellent secret hidden to it. In the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, we can see seven alpine lakes appear day after day. Best of all, every lake is special and boasts of its own excellence. The season of rains would make this trip considerably more memorable when all you see around you would be green meadows enriched with bright flowers. The newness of it tends to be overwhelming.

• Duration- 8 Days

• Difficulty- Moderate

• Altitude- 13,750ft

4) Beas Kund, Himachal Pradesh

This spot is very near to Manali and furthermore, it has been a well-known place to trek because while trekking here you are close to a couple of Manali’s greatest mountains. You would find incredible peaks like Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Hanuman Tibba, and Seven Sisters along your side always. The monsoon season may make this trek somewhat difficult with rains however you would doubtlessly appreciate the views. Additionally, it would be a short-term trek and will not be a lot difficult.

• Duration- 4 Days

• Difficulty- Moderate

• Altitude- 12,770ft

5) Bhrigu Lake, Himachal Pradesh

Bhrigu Lake Trek is located in the upper Kullu Valley situated in the eastern side of the popular Rohtang pass and that is the reason it is a lot immaculate by human presence. This place is new, green and expansive, extending to as far as the eyes could see! As you move higher to the lake, frozen in June, and forget-me-not blue in monsoon. 

• Duration- 3 Days

• Difficulty- Easy

• Altitude- 14,010ft

6) Harishchandraghat Trek, Maharashtra

 Ever wondered about visiting the lovely and calm Western Ghats? Yet, you should dare not expect that trekking in the Western Ghats is a piece of cake because the stretch called ‘Cobra’s hood’ of the Harishchandraghat journey is an extreme one. You would be mesmerized by the photographic excellence of the valley and the Konkan Khada here. You can also explore the Stone Age caves (Kedareshwara caves) with their 3 broken pillars where the history says  that the earth would reach an end when the fourth pillar breaks. So why pick this trek in monsoon? It’s because this place gives you the picturesque magnificence in monsoon. Under the rain and exploring the caves you would feel inaccessible and tranquil.

• Duration- 2 Day

• Difficulty- Moderate

• Altitude- 4690 ft

You should definitely consider attempting different treks once in a lifetime as indicated by the different aspects with loved ones to appreciate nature just as friends and family. So don’t pass up on the opportunity to appreciate these Rains however much you can

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